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Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan I just couldn't put it down. Had two a couple of times (bloody laundry!), but other than that, I read this in one go and am still enjoying the story now that I'm done.

I loved both Adam and Denver, felt for their struggles, and commended them for trying to overcome them. (though it was never going to be easy because they were both too set in their 'I can never' ways in the beginning). I also loved the snippets of El, Paul and Jase :)

the gag-punishment. I have no problem going on record for being weird, but this scene made me smile so hard. It was just THE perfect punishment and a great scene all around. But... for me, it was also the moment Adam really got the way their relationship worked.

Great story!! I will probably re-read this at some point (together with the other two Tucker novels)