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Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino I think this is going to be my feel-good/comfort-food book of 2013, and it's still only January.

Seriously, this book makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you tear up with joy and a bit of sadness. It has two men with flaws and issues, both very different, one a 'former' player trying to better himself and crawl out of his closet, one too tall, too skinny, too dorky, and too gay to think he has a chance at finding his one true love--the one he obsessively reads about in his beloved romance novels (both gay and straight). Imagine these two meeting up.

It's awkward, it's wrong, it shouldn't work, and yet, it's everything either man wanted, if they stop to think about it for a moment. This book is filled with humour, self-deprication, hints to Romance Tropes that are both revered and hated at the same time, and a writing style that grabs you and will keep you reading until you read the very end (and then are torn between wanting more and wanting to read it again)

I think I need to create a to re-read list now.

My hat off to you, Anne. Great book.