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Turkey in the Snow - Amy Lane A very sweet, slightly dramatic despite the MC HATING anything to do with drama, bit over the top and very humorous story that will have you laughing and crying at the same time :)

I loved the way Hank seemed such a straightforward no-nonsense man, but turned out to be heavily burdened by his past.

Justin was adorkable, though I wanted to hang him after his somaniest 'OhMyGah'. Don't get me wrong, it was very him, but it made me want to scratch his eyes out at times :) Luckily his redeeming qualities saved him LOL As flamboyant and hyper as he could be at times, he was rather more down to earth and sensible than expected. A very refreshing character.

LOVED the turkey analogy. It really puts everything in perspective, doesn't it? Can't do any harm to print it out and remind myself of that now and then :)

And I have to mention the sister. On first sight it seemed like an easy way to gain a kid, but the family history, and the believable, painful, and sad way Lane wrote her made up for that.