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Special Delivery - Heidi Cullinan I loved it. I loved the flawed characters, loved the romance, mixed with D/s and kink.
As much as I was warned about certain things, I had no problem with the open nature of the relationship, Randy and/or his relationship with Mitch. They were men with a past to put behind them and I thought Heidi handled that perfectly.

I have a humiliation squick (humiliation/unfairness is a really fine line ... I find David Copperfield hard to watch - let alone read), but this didn't even come close to that for me. Sam went into every situation out of his own free will, often second guessed by Mitch and encouraged by him to tell him if he didn't want to do what was asked of him. The one time Sam is really pushed to do something outside his comfort zone in that department, he safeworded and set his limits.
Also, Mitch makes a great observation on the subject: “Sam likes a different kind of domination. Some humiliation, yeah, but inside his own head. He doesn’t like to see it from other people.”

Having lost my own mother 17 years ago (march 12 to be exact), I love how Sam gave her the trip of her life and made sure to leave a trace of her in the most beautiful spots and then left the beautiful box containing the rest of her ashes with Mitch, so she could see even more of the world she had never been able to travel. It really touched me.