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Cheating Chance - James Buchanan Loved it!
I fell in love with both characters from the first moment, especially Nick, all gothed out :) Can't help it, it's my soft spot. I kept picturing him towering over everyone in platform boots ;)
I loved their dynamic from the start, including Brandon being very clear about not being out and not intending on coming out. Of course, Brandon's execution of this rule is a little hinky when he overcompensates and starts flirting with a girl when they're clubbing together. Commendable that Nick didn't just deck him for that.

One of my favourite things in this book is that, even though they're both law enforcers in their own rights, they're more like amateur sleuths in this book, because the crime is just out of jurisdiction for both of them, and they still want to go ahead and solve the crime. Risky, but it paints a pretty good picture of who they both are.

Nick's meeting with his ex was painful to read, but I'm glad he got his revenge. I have no respect for Jake at all, he failed for me, on every count and Nick is so much better of without him.

Of course, Brandon isn't perfect. He would be scary if he were, and there wouldn't be much of a story to tell. But Brandon isn't in this relationship for him alone, and I was more than surprised with him coming clean with his partner about being gay when Nick was in trouble. All through the book I kept thinking that Brandon calling Nick Nicky had some meaning for him. A way for him to cope, to distance himself, to avoid making a mistake and have him out himself by using his boyfriend's name, since Nicky could easily be mistaken for a girl's name. but I was barking up the wrong tree.
Brandon not being out sort of raised all sorts of expectations with me, however unconsciously, and they steered me wrong.

Great story!
Can't wait read more about their dynamics, Nick's goth outfits, the japanese rope bondage and Nick's hearse ... I mean ... it's not totalled, is it?
Oh, and poor Nicky for having to lose his beautifully long hair.