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Hard Fall - James Buchanan Absolutely loved it!
but, I did have trouble reading it at first. I'm not used to reading an entire book in colloquial American (the reason I had trouble reading One flew over a Cuckoo's nest as well) and it threw me. Once I got used to it, though, it got much better, much better.

Faith, church, small town community life and love. Not the easiest ingredients for a gay man to conquer, but James Buchanan made it work.

Joe knows exactly who he is, saying "God put me on earth like this.", voicing what I've always believed (I'm Chatholic).
Yes, he is 'thrown out', but the one thing I admire most about Joe is that his beliefs are so strong, he never runs away from anything. He might balk, might hesitate to pursue, but he doesn't run away.
And then he meets Kabe, just out of jail because he did something stupid and Joe's world is turned up side down, literally in some cases.
Even at the end of the book, Joe still has a long road to travel, and not all of it will be easy, but he has Kabe and won't run away or turn his back on the place he calls home.

The world needs more people like Joe!

Well written setting and ambiance, great characterisation and a good read that you just don't want to put down.