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All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon I absolutely loved it!!
I thought Josh lanyon nailed the balance between emotion, laughs, mystery and characters. The mystery was as close to Kit's heart (and how come I feel more comfortable calling him Kit after this book? I couldn't after the first one) as his relationship with JX was. I loved how some of the writing made me feel as surprised about JX initiating intimacy as Kit was. It was just that sort of a book, where you're so totally immersed in it, that you cannot help reacting like the characters do.

One thing for me that doesn't quite connect is Kit's problem with the age difference between him and JX. Granted I'm the younger one in my 21+ relationship with my 9 year older husband, not as insecure or just out of a bad relationship but, really, five years is nothing. I hope he can let it go at some point. If it doesn't bother JX, it shouldn't bother him ... but that's just my experience. I do love Kit for all his quirks :)

I feel Lanyon pulled out all the stops in this one. Murders that lay closer to Kit's heart, even though he barely knew the victims. I had no idea who the murderer was ... though I did have an inkling when a new book was mentioned, found it suspicious to say the least.

I love how JX appeared just at the right moment. Loved how Kit asked for him. Finding out he had put JX down as his emergency contact was, cute isn't the right word, but I can't think of what I wanted to say. I just loved little tidbits like that :)

I hope Kit ignores Anna's words (I had someone basically do the same to me, and look at us, 21+ yrs later) and doesn't go crawling back into his own 'safe' world, but let's JX in!
Looking more than forward to the next one :)