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I know, it's a word I seem to be fond of, but I'm not a professional reviewer and brilliant is a good word to describe great books.

I loved Jonathan and Bran, loved the slow and torturous (sometimes literally) progression. It wasn't always an easy read. Funnily enough, the part I had most trouble with was the presence of the cook & cleaner (at least I don't think there were more witnesses... at lest, not on-screen). Although, considering I don't do humiliation well... it shouldn't really be a surprise. It was worth sticking with it and seeing it through to the end. I felt defeated when Bran finally gave in (you know, right now, after having just finished the book, I just don't know whether to call him Bran or Brandon...), wished I could turn back time for him. And then he started thinking, realising. Going back to Jonathan was probably the hardest thing he ever did, and the best thing at the same time.

Brilliant writing, brilliant characters (though... there are some I could have done without --> see spoiler), an emotional rollercoaster that is honest in its portrayal of this sort of BDSM life-style