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His Holy Bones - Ginn Hale Just a short review for now. This review is for the WHOLE series (leaving ten similar reviews seems a bit obsessive...)

I'm so glad I got to read it all in one go. I don't know if I could have survived if I'd had to wait for new parts to arrive.

The intricate plot, the beautiful worldbuilding, the characters, the tension, the twists and logic of it all (if you took a couple of minutes to let it sink in :)- okay, some times it took mere seconds, but still )

John and Kyle... To be that intricately drawn together *sigh* so beautifully done
Many of the secondary characters were loved as well, but there were so many, that I can't name them all, but some will stay with me as much as John and Kyle do (be they dead or alive)

This is so worth the long read :D